I dance because I have to
God made me this way
I express myself fully in movement
When I shake my hands and head and feet it is my
total surrender
To His rhythm of life that beats inside of me.
You wonder why I dance…
Every time I think about the LORD and His greatness, His holiness
and how He chose a wretch… a wretch like me
for His service and for His purpose
The thought is unfathomable, incomprehensible and cannot be contained
It makes me undone, deep down inside.
You wonder why I dance…
I know you do because sometimes you watch in bewilderment when I jump around like a child
free and unhindered
Shameful it may be to others
but for me
It is my way of telling my heavenly Father that His Presence awes me to my core
MOVE I MUST, to thank Him
Move arms, hands, legs, feet, head for His joy is