I am looking for new ways to describe myself. For most of my adulthood, I have simply been known as Chelsea’s mom. This is still an apt way to describe me. I was reminded again today how important that part of me is, to Chelsea (28 years old) and me.

Professionally, I’ve had lots of titles. All very descriptive about what I’ve done, assistant, public affairs director, producer, community affairs director, vice president of community affairs, board chair, president and trustee… and so what does all this really mean?

How’s this…I am simply a daughter of God. I have a servant’s heart. What I enjoy most in life is using the gifts God has given me to benefit others. I live in the United States but I enjoy traveling the world. I am entering a new season of adventure and exploration. Psalm 23 reflects my life, perfectly. That’s all there is to say about that.